5 Restaurant Appliances That Need Professional Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Purgo Restaurant Cleaning Services UK | Restaurant premises can be hot and humid, particularly in the kitchen spaces; this provides an ideal climate for potentially dangerous bacteria to flourish. Daily washing down of all surfaces and equipment with appropriate cleaning products is essential in keeping your restaurant clean and hygienic.

Here are five pieces of equipment that professional restaurant cleaners should have on a rolling schedule.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Stovetops and ovens

These obviously need to be high on the cleaning priority list. Allocate a cleaning time well outside service periods. So the ovens are cold, and the area is clear of kitchen staff. The tops of the stoves should be removed to allow easy access, so that residue from any spills can be cleaned up.

Dishwashing machines

Again, this is a task best performed outside service times. Industrial dishwashers operate at much higher temperatures than domestic dishwashers. However, there is usually still a slow build-up of food scraps that can end up blocking water conduits, as well as compromising the washing standard. The dishwashers need to be fully drained, all filters need to be removed and cleaned, all water entry and exit points need to be checked, and the interiors washed out and disinfected.

Range hoods

Industrial range hoods draw steam, smoke and grease away from the cooking areas. But the filters in the range hoods become traps for that oil and small food particles. All the filters need to be removed, soaked and scrubbed with degreasing agents before being refitted; while they’re out, the inside of the hood needs to be degreased as well.

Storage Racks

This is a job best organised on a rotating basis as there will be storage shelves in cold store, freezers and pantry areas. It’s also best done in conjunction with restaurant staff. As all foodstuffs will need to be removed to properly clean the racks, before being replaced again in original order.

Microwave ovens, sandwich presses and other small appliances

These devices typically sit on bench tops, so there is a double-barrelled task here. Grease and food scraps can accumulate underneath, and behind the appliances, so they should be moved, and the benches and splashbacks should be thoroughly cleaned. The appliances themselves need to be cleaned too, before being put back into position.

Finally, it’s crucial that you use products that are food safe on appliances or fixtures that come into direct contact with food. Purgo’s professional cleaners are trained in proper restaurant cleaning procedures to avoid cross contamination and use hospital grade disinfectants where appropriate.

Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services UK – Purgo

In the restaurant industry, cleaning standards are everything. No matter how delicious what you serve up is. You just can’t afford to have your customers eating in sub-par levels of cleanliness.

At Purgo Cleaning Services, we offer the following significant benefits in our Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Cleaning Services:

• A tailored restaurant cleaning program to suit your establishment
• A professional cleaning crew that has gone through an extensive training program
• Environmentally safe products and equipment, and hospital grade disinfectants.
• Best practice procedures observed to avoid cross contamination

Our highly motivated cleaners will ensure they do whatever it takes to add the small but significant touches to the visual appearance of your premises.