Human Resource Management

Cleaning Services in London

Recruitment and Vetting

Our staff members are at the heart of our business, and we value their dedication to us. A strict recruitment system has been implemented for our Cleaning Services in London, guaranteeing we employ individuals that understand and embrace Purgo’s culture and philosophy to create the finest workforce possible.

This approach leads to far greater productivity from our on-site teams allowing us to reach the next level of cleaning. While providing the most efficient contract cleaning service available. After passing the initial interview, the individual must provide correct identification, proof of current address and documentation indicating their right to work within the UK before they can be employed.

Purgo will take advice from and work closely with the UK Border Agency when recruiting both management and staff. We operate a rigorous vetting procedure, and our management team has received training to enable them to identify authentic ID and travel documents. On a new employee’s first day our manager will provide a starter pack, which includes the company handbook and also outlines their Terms and Conditions of Employment.

Training and Development

On the first day of employment of our Cleaning Services in London, each member of staff completes the first-day induction with their line manager. This includes basic health and safety, chemical usage, specific site rules and site/hazard awareness. As a result, this training ensures the employee is ‘Safe on Site’. We understand that English may not be the first language for a number of our employees. Therefore, we ensure that staff are placed where the line managers speaks a second language that they can understand.

Contract Cleaning Services in London

Over the next three weeks, the employee completes the company training programme which includes all aspects of standard cleaning. This is carried out by BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) trained personnel to BICSc standards and is compulsory for all staff. Any additional task-specific training will take place on-site. Finally, after displaying competence, the employee is signed off against that task by their line manager.

Purgo Supply Services prides its self on providing a range of training programs operated centrally from our offices. We offer in-house sessions to supervisors to give them the information and knowledge to succeed in their place of work and to be supportive of the staff members working alongside them. Additionally, as English is the second language of a lot of our employees, we encourage English classes to be taken up. These can either be delivered from our office, or we provide information for various opportunities via our quarterly newsletter. In addition to this, courses are also performed on an ad-hoc basis such as first aid, communication skills and various other forms of specific training needed to promote best practice throughout the business.

Disclosure Barring Service

We understand how important it is to ensure that all our staff who may come into contact with children or vulnerable adults have been formally checked to ensure that they are eligible to work in this sector.

Therefore, Purgo Supply Services carries out an enhanced DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) checks on every member of staff who comes into contact or has potential contact with children or vulnerable adults as part of their work as an operative for our Cleaning Services in London. In addition to this, once the disclosure documentation has been received we will forward the details to the relevant Premises Manager; to enable them to keep a current record of our staff on site.

For full details on DBS checks, please follow this link to the UK Government Services and Information website.