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Why is facilities management so important? It’s a question we’ve often seen asked by managing directors who have been busy growing their business to a stage where they now have large buildings to manage, staff and HR to track and are looking for dependable, professional cleaners in London to maintain the upkeep of their building.

One of the key reasons facilities management is so important is that when a business is coordinating people, the health and safety responsibilities require you to be completely ready to tackle any situation. By managing your facility, you can adequately coordinate the maintenance of assets and prolong the lifespan of components within your building or facility.

Maintenance of the common areas of your premises, whether it be an office complex, co-working space or business facility, is essential for three reasons:

  1. Regular cleaning reduces health risks
  2. Improves comfort and quality of life
  3. Helps to give a positive image of your premises

Purgo has been working for many years with major players in the management of premises. Commercial businesses all concerned with preserving their working environment. Thus, employing highly skilled Professional Cleaners in London within Premises Officer and Day Janitor roles.

Each operative undertakes operational responsibility for the maintenance, security, health & safety and general administration of client premises, their grounds, buildings, facilities, and equipment ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively.

This concept, together with our performance protocol, forms the basis of a professional cleaning operation for your company.

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Premises Officers

Our premises officers take on the responsibility for maintaining the sites on which a company conducts its business, or an organisation runs its operation. Thus, ensuring a safe and clean environment for employees and managing security systems relating the physical site itself.

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Security concerning physical attributes and people falls within our premises officer’s responsibilities. Functions include regular testing of alarms and fire safety systems; administering and authorising key holders; locking and unlocking buildings and entry points, and monitoring any surveillance equipment. Depending upon your requirements, they may also operate a checking system for visitors to sign in and out of the premises. Performed as a safety measure should there be a fire alarm and all people need to be accounted for.

Each of our Premises Officers is well practised in carrying out Facilities Testing procedures; including:

  • Legionella testing
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Manual handling
  • Hazard awareness
  • Risk assessing


Our premises officers are also responsible for the general maintenance of the premises. Besides maintaining security features, they may be called upon to perform minor repairs, small decorating jobs and monitor the heating and lighting systems. Reporting directly to Operational Client Managers should a major fault occur, our officers are well practised in supervising outside agencies to perform more significant maintenance tasks to their completion.


In the area of health and safety, Purgo’s professional cleaners in London maintain the cleanliness of the premises. This may involve management of waste collection and removal; responding to leaks and spillages within the premises, and removing litter and graffiti from the outside of the property.


Depending upon the size of the organisation for which our officers operate from, supervising of other members of staff engaged in cleaning and maintenance duties may be arranged; including monitoring the performance of cleaning personnel.

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Day Janitors

Purgo Supply Service’ Day Janitors perform a variety of cleaning and maintenance duties to keep many types of buildings clean, orderly, and in excellent condition.

Initial specifications are agreed upon during a site visit by one of our Contract Managers. The result is a tailor-made recurrent program which takes into account the optimum timeframe for our team’s activities, general and target areas, continuous Management contact, and regular site audits to ensure consistent high-standards.

The duties covered by our Day Janitors include replenishing stock in bathrooms, cleaning restrooms, gathering and emptying trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, monitoring building safety and security and dusting. Keeping the building as clean and tidy as possible is the overall responsibility of our custodians.

Alongside providing Day Janitors and Premises Officers, we also offer a range of additional services which can be incorporated into a Cleaning Contract if required.

Professional Cleaners in London

Purgo Supply Services employs a dedicated team of office based Customer Services personnel; capable of providing in-depth information on our services and procedures. In addition to this, the Contract Cleaning in London Management team operates by following a quick response policy as we wish to keep our clients as informed as possible at all times.

Finally, we have committed to continual improvement in our Environmental performance, and we monitor fuel usage and landfill waste closely.