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Clean With The Correct PH Value - Professional Cleaners In London. pH scale diagram with corresponding acidic or alcaline values for common substances, food, household chemicals . Litmus paper color chart. Colorful vector illustration in flat style isolated on white background.

Purgo Professional Cleaners in London | When cleaning a surface, it is essential that we use methods and products that are intended for the task. If we use the wrong product or process, then we can do more harm than good, and the work gets heavier and results in worse results. We always strive to use PH neutral cleaning products as possible in our cleaning operations in London and across the UK, which means a PH value as close to 7 as possible. PH 7 is indicated as neutral. Wrong PH value on a surface can cause permanent damage.

The further away from the center point of PH 7 a product is the more aggressive it is, and the greater the risks of use. Therefore, products with PH 0 and PH 14 are very aggressive. For each step, for example from 8 to 9, the aggressiveness of a product increases by 100 and from 9 to 10, it is another 100 times stronger. From this, you can start to understand how strong the difference from PH 0 to PH 14 is.


The PH Scale

The PH scale measures the acidity of a product and ranges from 0 to 14 where 0 is acidic, and 14 is alkaline.

Everyone has probably seen a PH scale like this and here’s a quick review of what can be found in those different values. The PH scale has been in existence for over 100 years o and was introduced in 1909 by SPL Sorensen.

Clean With The Correct PH Value - Professional Cleaners In London. pH scale diagram with corresponding acidic or alcaline values for common substances, food, household chemicals . Litmus paper color chart. Colorful vector illustration in flat style isolated on white background.

      • PH 1 to 4 in the pink / red section we find acidic things like battery acid, stomach acid, vinegar, lemon and grapefruit juice.
      • PH 4 to 6, for example, we find tomato juice, beer, black coffee, and rainwater.
      • PH 7 on the scale refers to neutral PH value and is to be compared with plain pure drinking water.
      • PH 7 to 10, we begin to find more alkaline things like apples, sea water, baking soda, mango, raw spinach, and milk.
      • PH 10 to 14 include many common household cleaners, oven cleaning, and drainage cleaners.


What PH value should I clean with?

It depends entirely on what kind of dirt you are trying to clean and what type of surface the substance is on. Below we describe some common surfaces where you can easily achieve a better result if you use the correct PH value. Remember, always follow the instructions on the packaging and be careful when using aggressive cleaning products; if in doubt contact our professional cleaners in London customer services.


Cleaning limescale, salt damage, and rust

If you want to remove lime scale in bathrooms, showers or sinks, you should use an acidic cleanser which has a PH value lower than PH 2. It is important when using these products to first soak the surface and then let the product sit for a while before attempting to remove the lime scale with sponge or brush; then rinse carefully afterwards with water.

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Cleaning grease, oil and soot

To dissolve grease, oil and soot an alkaline detergent of PH 8 or higher is required. Almost all common cleaning products for the home are in the alkaline direction because almost all the dirt we clean at home is formed from fat-protein based molecules; fat comes in many forms and is a pretext of attaching dirt, dust and bacteria. Easily clean these substances with an alkaline detergent.

If you buy a concentrated alkaline product it is very important to mix it as instructed so that it works properly. This is true of all concentrated cleaning products, dosages are A and O for it to work as intended.


Tips for Cleaning Common Surfaces From Professional Cleaners in London


Cleaning bathrooms and showers

In this type of space you usually use an acidic product that can handle lime deposits. But it is also about solving fat residues from skin and soap. Therefore, in both bathrooms and showers, acidic and alkaline products can be used depending on the task.

Normally you can use an alkaline product with PH 8-10 and, if necessary, use an acid with PH 2-4. Should there be lime scale deposits on the tile wall or discolourations in the toilet / washbasin, an acidic product with PH 2-4 can often remove these.

“>A Good Tip! If you want to clean with an alkaline product and an acidic product then you start with the alkaline and finish with the acid for best results.


Cleaning tables, benches and furniture

These surfaces do not require strong alkaline agents, and may even be successfully cleaned with water and the right kind of microfiber cloth.

PH 6-8 is recommended for common surfaces and many products referred to as “all-purpose” are included in this scale. More important here is using the right type of cloth; there are many different types of microfiber sponges and clothes useful for each task.


Cleaning the kitchen, the stove and the oven

To clean soot, grease and oil residues, an alkaline product is required and depending on how hard the dirt is, use as high-quality a product as possible and close to PH 7. If the dirt is tougher, use a product with higher PH value closer to PH 10-13. A regular kitchen cleaning product often has a PH value around 10, furnace cleaning is often strong alkaline products and approaches PH 13.

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Washing common floors, wood, plastic, linoleum

Floors can be cleaned in different ways, but if you want to clean the floor effectively it is important to know that the dirt usually consists of fat, so an alkaline product should be used. A nice one with PH 7-8 should do the job as the dirt is usually not so rough in normal floor surfaces such as corridors, living rooms and offices; toilets, entrances and kitchens may require other methods.

Important here is the method you clean, you want to dissolve the dirt and remove it, lifting it from the surface. Do not use too much moisture and work with clean tools. A mop stand with the correct mop will help facilitate this type of work; remembering to change mop when it starts to get full of dirt.


Cleaning Consumables and Methods – Purgo Supply Services in London


It’s not just the PH value that determines how to clean a surface, we’ve also identified the importance of using the right cloth when wiping.

There is a lot to write about on this topic, including which methods to use for cleaning, the best tools on the market and which work better than others; this will clearly give us the opportunity to rewrite future blog posts.


      • Read the instructions on the product and work safely, wear gloves and eye protection. When using aggressive products, take the utmost caution and get acquainted before using them.
      • Always choose as nice cleaning products as possible, for our environment and our own health.
      • Keep in mind that in many cases you can clean with just plain water and the right type of cloth.

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