Hygiene at work is not recommended: it is mandatory!

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Contract Cleaning in London | Hygiene in the workplace is strictly regulated in the United Kingdom by the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSAW), and controls are regularly carried out within companies to ascertain possible risks for employees. Thus, occupational hygiene is not recommended: it is mandatory to prevent occupational hazards.

The HSAW places a duty on all employers “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare at work” of all their employees. More generally, the civil and criminal liability of the business owner can be affected if they fail to ensure the safety of their employees; including protecting their mental and physical health and put in place a risk prevention plan.


Situations Where Occupational Hazards May Be Present

In heated or air-conditioned offices, the development and spread of germs may be accelerated by the warm internal environment of the workplace. Diseases spread very quickly, and this can affect the health of your employees and the company’s business. Therefore, it is advisable to disinfect door handles, elevator buttons, telephone keys, coffee machines, and all equipment in direct contact with employees; such as their computer and their office.

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These provisions are not to be taken lightly, particularly since checks are regularly carried out to verify that the company complies well with the legal obligations of hygiene at work.


Cleanliness and Hygiene Plan

Let’s work out a cleanliness plan for the cleaning of your commercial premises, offices, warehouses or shops.

To ensure the organization and efficiency of the cleaning of your premises, it is essential to establish a “cleaning plan,” as part of your Contract Cleaning in London specifications. This document that we will create together will be a road map that will efficiently organize the cleaning of your premises.

The site manager defines the most efficient cleaning techniques and products in your case. You will then identify the frequency and day/time of cleaning. The cleaning plan can be requested in the event of a check; which is why it is useful to keep a copy.

The cleaning plan may be requested by the Environmental Health and Safety personnel during facility audits. At the local level, the Community Health and Hygiene Services may also carry out checks.


Purgo Supply Services – Contract Cleaning in London

At the start of a contract, our manager will endeavour to create a positive relationship with both staff and clients. We consider that constructive feedback is paramount to building a close working relationship and the success of a contract. Therefore our managers are encouraged to arrange regular meetings with clients; this gives our clients the opportunity to discuss the contract in depth and to solve any issues that may arise.

On a monthly basis, a full audit of the premises will be completed by the ISO Quality Contract Manager. This review has been designed as part of our Management System (IMS); tailor-made for each contact with all site-specific areas included. Purgo Supply Services believe that investment into quality management is vital to delivering a fantastic service. We ensure that monthly audits are reviewed in-depth. The analysis is shared with our management team so they can bring the necessary changes to the site operatives and work with them to create the best possible standard of cleanliness.

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In addition to this, we feel it is incredibly advantageous that wherever possible, a member of the client’s team is available to accompany the manager on the audit. This guarantees that both parties understand the points raised and agree on an action plan for the month ahead.

The monthly audit scores form part of the IMS system viewed by Senior Management at regular review meetings. The evidence supplied to the Contract Cleaning management team ensures continual improvement on all contracts.