Holiday Periods Are A Good Opportunity For Floor Care and Big Cleaning

Janitor mopping an office floor, shallow focus, tilt shift image. Holiday periods are a good opportunity for floor care and big cleaning Professional Contract Cleaners in London

Professional Contract Cleaners in London | Now that it’s coming to the end of summer and holiday times, and with many offices still empty, it is a perfect opportunity for companies to undertake important floor care and big cleaning tasks in their buildings; so as not to disrupt business operations when employees return. Before the summer we have a reconciliation meeting with our clients, where we propose the specifications your office is in need of when your employees are on vacation, and the office is not as sensitive to; for example, machine flooring efforts.

Purgo Supply Services helps you not only with daily cleaning but also intensive floor care and cleaning operations. We cooperate with some of the best companies in London in these areas. If you want a cleaning company that can help you extensively with the care of your office, we have the resources and knowledge, but above all the experience to make the right effort at the right time.

Why should I care about my floors?

How do you clean a Bolon floor? A textile mat of sheep’s wool? A 100-year-old stone floor? Should it be polished, wax or paint on the floor? We help you with this, as a contract customer to us, you will have access to a vast knowledge of cleaning, floor care, windowsill and big cleaning in London. In the section below we shall answer some of the common questions in regards to floor care and deep clean operations.

A carpet cleaner in action on a contemporary rug. Holiday periods are a good opportunity for floor care and big cleaning Professional Contract Cleaners in London

Floor maintenance plays a significant role when talking about the ongoing cleaning services. A floor that is not serviced can look lifeless, lose its lustre and colour vibrancy. When you think that your facilities floors start to look dull, it’s not automatically the cleaner’s fault, but it may be due to insufficient floor maintenance, which makes cleaning impossible to meet the desired results. Bigger efforts are simply required from professional contract cleaners in London.

We help our contract customers to create maintenance plans for floors, windows and furniture. This is an important part of long-term care and is a recommended investment to maximise the exchange of the floors your employees walk on, the windows they look through, and the furniture staff and clients are sitting in.

How do I know when it’s time for a deep clean?

If the floor looks like the picture at the top of the article, then it’s time for a deep clean, but it can be difficult to judge the need if you do not have a trained eye. We at Purgo Supply Services help our customers by consistently following up our cleaning supplies professionally, so we can also inform our clients promptly when it is time to carry out a deep clean.

A weekly mop of the floors will be okay.. right?

The condition on the floor determines what results are achieved when on-going cleaning takes place. If the floor surface is in good condition, smooth and fine, the cleaning results will be good, and the surface remains clean for longer. If the floor surface is uneven, broken and perhaps full of small fine scratches, the cleaning result will be suffering as all these small spaces in the surface collect the dirt instead of being removed by the cleaning.

There are many reasons for performing floor care. Below is a list of some of the most important reasons:

      • The investment you make in the on-going cleaning gets the maximum return if the floors are in good condition and restrict dirt in the future.
      • Your premises are probably both a workplace and a place you invite potential new customers. Well maintained floors increase both the productivity of the staff and the opportunity for you to do new business.
      • Hygiene factor, when the floors are in good condition, they are kept clean and fresh by the ongoing cleaning, which means that your premises achieve better hygiene and the risk of allergies can be reduced.

Contract Cleaning Operations

A well-planned recurring floor care operation over time is often a much better deal compared to waiting until the need is urgent or you may be forced to replace the floor.

3D Rendering of Architectural background of a modern empty room with floor-to ceiling window overlooking a lush garden and outdoor patio with an interior glass door over a hardwood parquet floor - Holiday periods are a good opportunity for floor care and big cleaning Professional Contract Cleaners in London

It is unfortunately commonplace to wait for floor care as long as you can, you think you save money, but it’s not. Throughout the time the floor only gets worse and worse, the return on cleaning will deteriorate, the hygiene factor decreases day by day, and productivity drops slowly in the staff.

Imagine you are not going to go to the dentist because it is expensive. If you wait until the hole is really big and you are forced into very costly interventions to correct the problem; therefore, it quickly becomes costly to wait for the maintenance. However, if you had continuously maintained your teeth and done periodic interventions annually, you could have corrected a small hole for a lower cost, and you would have quickly returned to work with low costs as long-term results.

A well-planned maintenance plan by professional contract cleaners in London for all your floor types is part of the cost when renting or owning an office and is something everyone should include in their budget for maintenance costs.

We believe that a nice floor pays off everyday in all activities. It will be more fun to work and thus increase the productivity of the staff; visitors will be impressed and converted easier to customers or good contacts. Finally, you get maximum return on the daily cleaning.

We try to plan this type of effort so that it does not disturb our customers. Most often, floor care is done in the evenings, weekends and nights, or during summer / Christmas holidays when there are fewer people in the premises, and you can access the areas easier even daytime.

Do different rooms have different needs?

The necessity of maintenance is different for all premises; many factors reflect the frequency of floor care and the type of surface protection to use.

Handle With Care: How To Properly Clean Fragile Floors - Purgo Contract Cleaning UK

A floor in high-traffic areas, such as an entrance, with a nice, sensitive material may require care four times a year or more to stay in good condition. Some other less-used areas can handle care more rarely such as every two years or.

That’s why it’s so important to create a unique maintenance plan for your premises where you identify wear and tear, needs and costs; and prepare in the best way and then perform.

A customised maintenance plan for you

All offices are different and have different wear zones, some parts of the office may be harder and not deteriorate as fast as others. No problem, we pay attention to this and propose the right efforts in time to preserve your floor’s function and appearance over time.

A typical maintenance plan may contain the following items

      • Floorcare, renovation, reset or maintenance
      • Large cleaning zones, all surfaces or some specific areas, kitchenettes and toilets

We want your premises to help your company move forward

Purgo Supply Services – Professional Contract Cleaners in London

Everything described above is undertaken by our contract cleaning operatives with professional pride. We believe that proper maintenance and good daily housekeeping can make a big difference to your business and employees. Don’t let your work environment get into a bad condition by buying into serious care from the professional contract cleaners in London.

When you are ready to review the choice of your cleaning company, you are welcome to contact Purgo Supply Services.