Specialist Cleaning Operations

High Level Cleaning in London

The last tile is laid, the final cable has been connected; in order for the converted or renovated building to be ready for installation and in top form for the client, there is a lot of cleaning work to be done. To achieve spotlessly clean results consider high-level professional cleaning in London and dependable builders clean which includes meticulous cleaning of all floors, walls and glass throughout the property.

High Level Cleaning

Our High Level Cleaning services include Hot and Cold Pressure Washing; Steam Cleaning; Fascias and Gutter; Factory Cleaning; Exterior Cleaning and Graffiti Removal; Restricted Access and High Level Window Cleaning; Installation and Testing of Anchor Safety System; Installation of Bird Deterrent Systems and Excreta Cleaning.

In addition to this, our fully trained cleaning operatives can access both interior and exterior areas.

Prior to initial work, our Contract Management Team will carry out a site assessment. This ensures that the team has the right equipment based on our client’s premises.

Health & Safety is paramount to our operations. From carrying out the site surveys, through to planning, implementing and completing internal and external activities, we ensure our operatives’ wellbeing and equally pass this level of professionalism onto our clients.

Building Cleaning

Purgo Supply Services has built a strong reputation for providing a high standard of Builders Clean in London. All our Builders Cleaning Services are site-specific. Therefore, ensuring that our operations are tailored to meet our client’s precise on-site requirements.

Close up of a man cleaning terrace with a power washer - high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface. Professional builders clean in London by Purgo Supply Services

When undertaking operations, we can provide a large selection of cleaning equipment, materials, and solutions. We are confident in delivering excellent consistency, reliability and a cost-effective service to our clients.

We are very flexible in the approach to this sector of our business. Most importantly, understanding that things do not always go to plan and react professionally. Therefore to achieve deadlines, cleaning services hold a 24-hour policy within this division.

Pest Control

We understand that pest control is a critical element in maintaining a good working environment. That is why we offer a range of Pest Control Services in London.

When undertaking Pest Control Services in London, Purgo Supply Services recommends full site audits at a minimum frequency of 6 months. In addition to this, we feel it is incredibly advantageous that wherever possible, a member of the client’s team is available to accompany the manager on the audit. This guarantees that both parties understand the points raised and agree on an action plan for the month ahead. We then work closely with an experienced subcontractor to ensure all requirements are met.

As prevention of infestation is the most effective form of control. Pests have the potential to contaminate the workplace, spread disease, damage products, foodstuffs, and property. In addition to this, a significant pest problem can ruin your reputation leading to loss of business and even prosecution. So if you have a pest problem, you’re responsible for a vulnerable site attractive to pests. It is essential you put the right provisions in place for your business.

High Level Cleaning in London

Purgo Supply Services employs a dedicated team of office based Customer Services personnel capable of providing in-depth information on our services and procedures. In addition to this, the Contract Management team operates by following a quick response policy as we wish to keep our clients as informed as possible at all times.

Finally, we have committed to continual improvement in our Environmental performance, and we monitor fuel usage and landfill waste closely.