Contract Management Team

Contract Management

Purgo Supply Services has an enthusiastic management team that is passionate about the success of the contracts under their control. Our Contract Cleaning in London managers are experienced in the industry and ability to provide a smoothly operated cleaning contract.

At the start of a contract, our manager will endeavour to create a positive relationship with both staff and clients. We consider that constructive feedback is paramount to building a close working relationship and the success of a contract. Therefore our managers are encouraged to arrange regular meetings with clients. This gives our clients the opportunity to discuss the contract in depth and to solve any issues that may arise.

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On a monthly basis, a full audit of the premises will be completed by the ISO Quality Contract Manager. This audit has been designed as part of our Management System (IMS); tailor-made for each contact with all site-specific areas included. Purgo Supply Services believe that investment into quality management is vital to delivering a fantastic Contract Cleaning Services in London service. We ensure that monthly audits are reviewed in-depth. The analysis is shared with our management team so they can bring the necessary changes to the site operatives and work with them to create the best possible standard of cleanliness.

In addition to this, we feel it is incredibly advantageous that wherever possible, a member of the client’s team is available to accompany the manager on the audit. This guarantees that both parties understand the points raised and agree on an action plan for the month ahead.

The monthly audit scores form part of the IMS system viewed by Senior Management at regular review meetings. The evidence supplied to the Contract Cleaning management team ensures continual improvement on all contracts.

ISO Registered Quality Management

Purgo’s Contract Cleaning in London service invests into ISO Registered Quality Management Systems. We ensure that monthly audits are reviewed in depth, analysed, then shared with our management team. Therefore, we can make the necessary changes to the site operatives. Then work with them to create the best possible standard of cleanliness. All quality management decisions are made within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System).

ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organisation:

a) needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and

b) aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are intended to be applicable to any organisation. This is regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides.

We were accredited with the new standards in July 2017 and continue to maintain a strong working relationship with NQA.

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