Why You Need A Commercial Contract Cleaning UK Service for Office Tile and Grout

Why You Need Commercial Contract Cleaning UK for Office Tile and Grout - Hand in yellow protective glove cleaning mosaic wall

Remember how good the tiles and grout looked when you first moved into your new office? Bright, clean, and shiny… Unfortunately, tiles and grout can begin to look tired and grubby after a while; especially in high traffic areas such as staff kitchens and bathrooms. If floor and wall tiles aren’t disinfected properly, germs can also spread around the office. Here are five reasons why you should call in a Commercial Contract Cleaning UK company, rather than do the job yourself.

  1. The porous nature of tiles and grout means that grime, dirt and grease can become embedded over time. This in turn can open the door to the formation of mildew and bacteria, and even the potential for a fall to occur due to a slippery surface. Commercial grade cleaning products can deeply cleanse the tile and grout, creating a more hygienic, germ-free environment.
  2. Tiles can be made of natural stone, or they may be manufactured. You need to know what type of tile you have, and the appropriate cleaning agent, or you can cause permanent damage. For example, vinegar is a popular household cleaner, but the acidity in it will damage the surface of marble tiles. A professional Commercial Contract Cleaning UK service has vast experience in dealing with the different types of tile; and will use the appropriate products for your particular tile.
  3. Doing the job yourself or getting a staff member to clean can cause disruption to everyday operations. A professional cleaner will liaise with you to establish the best time for the clean to occur, which is generally after hours. This minimises the risk of falls occurring, and doesn’t disturb the work day.
  4. Cleaning tiles and grout with engrained dirt is really hard work, and very time and labour intensive for the average person. Commercial cleaners have the equipment, products and processes to expedite the cleaning quickly. They also understand the importance of maintaining hygiene, including the use of colour-coded cloths to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.
  5. Cleaning chemicals can be harsh, and not very ‘green’. A quality commercial cleaner such as Purgo Supply Services uses cleaning products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

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Commercial contract cleaning UK services have the right equipment, products and skills to keep your tiles and grout both hygienic and looking good. Contact us for a quote for our office cleaning services across the United Kingdom.