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Cleanliness on Your Business Card

Imagine the scenario of a potential new customer walking into your premises for the first time, and the entrance where you receive the customer is fresh, clean and welcoming. Alternatively, imagine that big corporate meeting over Skype with the Board of Executives. You walk into the canteen to pick up your coffee or tea, and you are greeted with clean tables, floors and worktops to get some respite. Hopefully, when walking into these environments, either you, your employees or your clients would feel at ease; able to concentrate on what is most important to a workplace – getting down to business! That’s where our Contract Cleaning in London comes in.

Purgo Supply Services provides 24h / 7 days-a-week Contract Cleaning Services and Office Cleaning in London to a diverse client base in London; including offices, commercial centres, shopping centres, restaurants and residential/public facilities.

Our highly experienced Cleaning Personnel are practised in delivering first-class results that are:

  1. Guaranteed to satisfy E.H.O Inspection;
  2. Meet Insurance/Fire Regulatory requirements for all business sectors;
  3. Fully supported by a dependable Management team
  4. Cause zero disruption to client operations or activities;

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on using the latest cleaning technology to maximise efficiency and ensure eco-responsibility from our on-site teams.

Initial specifications are agreed upon during a site visit by one of our Contract Managers. The result is a tailor-made recurrent cleaning program which takes into account the optimum timeframe for our team’s activities. Plus, general and target areas, continuous Management contact, and regular site audits to ensure consistent high-standards.

This concept, together with our performance protocol, forms the basis of a professional cleaning operation for your company.

Reach the next level in premises cleanliness with Purgo’s Contract Cleaning in London!

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Want To Know More? Let’s Break It Down!

Commercial, Office & Kitchen Services

A tidy, clean and hygienic environment is much more than a great place to work. For an employer, creating an environment that is professional and inspiring will have a knock-on effect on employee productivity and business partners smiling. Thus, generating an incredibly positive return on investment!

To ensure the organisation and efficiency of the cleaning of your premises, it is essential to establish a “cleaning plan,” as part of your Office Cleaning in London or Contract Cleaning specifications. This document that we will create together will be a roadmap that will efficiently organise the cleaning of your premises and ensure consistent health and safety standards.

During operations, our highly trained teams use a range of cleaning techniques (steam cleaning, pressure washing and specialised degreasing liquids) and always use products that are 98% biodegradable.

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Get A Clear Perspective

Our Professional Window Cleaning operatives are fully certified to clean both interior and exterior areas. Activities can be provided at any frequency you require; from daily cleaning services to an annual deep clean.

Health & Safety is paramount to our operations. From carrying out the site surveys, through to planning, implementing and completing internal and external activities, we ensure our operatives’ wellbeing and equally pass this level of professionalism onto our clients.

A Warm Welcome

Carpet & Barrier Matting can make an office floor more comfortable on the feet and provide a cosy and luxurious feel to a dwelling. But if not properly cared for they will eventually start to look ragged and unkempt. However, regular care and maintenance of your carpets can keep them looking and smelling fresh and new.

Purgo Supply Services uses efficient cleaning equipment and eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals to guarantee deep-cleaned fibres that look “brand new”.

The Building Regulations and British Standards Act state that barrier matting is necessary to facilitate safe access for all users of premises, including wheelchair users in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

Further guidance on meeting the requirements set out in BS8300: 2009+A1: 2010 is provided by the Building Regulations, and focuses on these areas:

      • Floor surface material within the entrance do not impede the movement of wheelchairs (e.g. coir) and; changes in floor materials do not create a potential trip hazard.
      • The floor surface helps to remove moisture from shoes and wheelchairs.
      • The surface of the mat is level with the surface of the adjacent floor finish.

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Purgo proudly supplies barrier matting of various shapes and sizes to keep the entrances of premises in a clean and safe condition. The mats are provided with or without your logo and changed to an agreed frequency. In addition to safety considerations, an effective matting system, when accurately specified, will help to diminish the risk of accidents caused by wet floor covering.

For further information and enquiries on our Office Cleaning in London services and procedures, please contact our dedicated Customer Cleaning Services in London team.

Hygiene/Washroom Consumables – Cleaning By People For People

Just as in the example above with the potential new customer, it is essential to treat our staff to the same level as our clients. Employees who come to work every day, walk through the entrance, get their coffee/tea from the canteen and hold presentations in the conference room; equally are affected by the cleanliness of the workplace. Furthermore, if it is dirty, this will change their attitudes and ultimately the results of the employee’s performance.

Washroom facilities are a vitally important aspect of premises cleanliness. Therefore Purgo Supply Services is on hand to ensure your washroom is hygienic, healthy and running smoothly at all times.

Our team of hygiene experts will advise you on the most intelligent hygiene solutions for the users of your washroom. Our Hygiene and Washroom Services take account of:

      • Feminine hygiene products
      • Vending and disposal of feminine hygiene products
      • Nappy bins
      • Hand dryers
      • Air Fresheners
      • Hand sanitisers
      • Sharps boxes

In addition to this, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality consumables from leading manufacturers.

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Contract Cleaning in London

Purgo Supply Services employs a dedicated team of office based Customer Services personnel capable of providing in-depth information on our services and procedures. In addition to this, the Contract Management team operates by following a quick response policy as we wish to keep our clients as informed as possible at all times.

Finally, we have committed to continual improvement in our Environmental performance, and we monitor fuel usage and landfill waste closely.