Cleaning Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 - Purgo Cleaning Services in London

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things or Augmented Reality – what sounds like processes from distant galaxies, describes the rapid digitalisation of our society. Even in the cleaning industry, there are virtually no limits to the digital wealth of ideas. We have compiled the most exciting inventions coming to the cleaning industry. | Purgo Cleaning Services in London

Augmented Reality Eyewear

With Augmented Reality – expanded reality – our perception is expanded with the help of computers. In the future, Augmented Reality eyeglasses will visually show which tasks have to be done. Surfaces are displayed in different colour levels. This allows users to see which has already been cleaned and which are not yet.

Augmented-Cleaning - Purgo Cleaning Services in London

Gecko Robot

Work at dizzying heights is a kick for the adrenaline budget, but also can be extremely dangerous for individuals who have not been trained to the “high” standards required. Gecko robots could significantly help. As the name suggests, the invention is inspired by the small reptile. It can climb the facades of tall buildings. The robot facilitates cleaning processes at higher and difficult to reach glass surfaces and buildings, but also at photovoltaic plants.

An invention which already makes the cleaning of the household easier for private households is also to be available soon for commercial purposes. For example, paper basket-emptying and floor-cleaning robots might be able to take professional cleaning forces into the future.

Drones in Window Cleaning

Currently, drones are being developed which can, for example, clean windows on external facades. They are connected to a hose which supplies the cleaning water. The small aircraft should be able to act both automatically and manually.

Conclusion – Purgo Cleaning Services in London

Industry 4.0 Industrial Automation Wheel Concept Infographic. Purgo Cleaning Services in London

When and whether these inventions are implemented into reality or integrated into the everyday life remains to be seen. Even if we find it exciting what is possible in the age of digitisation in technology, the work of professional glass and building cleaners remains indispensable and immensely important. The people in this craft are doing great and this work should also be appreciated.

What is to be welcomed in the future, however, are technologies and cleaning tools that help professional cleaners and cleaning services in London to make the most of their work and make their work safer and easier.