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Professional Contract Cleaners in London | In workplaces around the world it is almost guaranteed that there is a designated person who cleans. At larger companies, this is usually undertaken by an in-house team of cleaning staff or an external cleaning service; while in smaller companies there may be a rotating schedule among staff members. When you procure cleaning services, you are effectively determining a contract whereby a person or team undertakes specific cleaning operations to an agreed specification and level of quality.


So what does cleaning mean to you and, more importantly, your business?

Is cleaning important to you and your business? Would you do without cleaning? Is cleaning not a high priority, or does it equal the importance of having good coffee in the cupboards – i.e. without it, the office would physically and socially fall apart?!


We Think Cleaning Is Very Important

Imagine the example of a potential new customer walking into your premises for the first time and the entrance where you receive the customer is fresh, clean and welcoming. Alternatively, imagine that big corporate meeting over Skype with the Board of Executives you walk into the canteen to pick up your coffee or tea, and you are greeted with clean tables, floors and worktops to get some respite. Hopefully, when walking into these environments, either you, your employees or your clients would feel at ease and be able to concentrate on what is most important to a workplace – getting down to business!

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We regard our professional contract cleaners in London, and across the UK, as our superheroes; they are the most valuable resource of our business. Just as in the example above with the potential new customer, it is important to treat our staff to the same level as our clients. Employees who come to work every day, walk through the entrance, get their coffee/tea from the canteen and hold presentations in the conference room; equally are affected by the cleanliness of the workplace. Furthermore, if it is dirty, this will change their attitudes and ultimately the results of the employee’s performance.


Cleaning is done by people for people

It is important to remember that cleaning is done by people for people. Cleaning is necessary for all workplaces, but also the whole community; without professional cleaning, many social functions would collapse in days. Every day, our professional contract cleaners in London, work alongside our client’s employees to ensure that their working environment matches the high standards of professionalism management requires of them, to do their job to the best of their abilities.

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So, give a thought to the cleaner next time you walk into your workplace or public area and consider how important they are to the continued success of your business.


Purgo Supply Services – Professional Contract Cleaners in London

Here at Purgo Supply Services, we are fighting for a spotless revolution to ensure that industries and companies maintain excellence in cleaning standards. Our professional contract cleaners in London, and across the UK, are our superheroes who do a great job for our customers, a job one can not be without.

Our strongest tip to everyone out there is to place a high priority on cleaning; it benefits both you and the person behind the cleaning.