Hand Over A Completed Building Work With Pride

Close up of a man cleaning terrace with a power washer - high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface. Professional builders clean in London by Purgo Supply Services

The last tile is laid, the final cable has been connected; in order for the converted or renovated building to be ready for installation and in top form for the client, there is a lot of cleaning work to be done. To achieve spotlessly clean results consider professional builders clean in London by Purgo Supply Services; which includes meticulous cleaning of all floors, walls and glass throughout the property. This article outlines some of the critical operations our highly skilled cleaning technicians carry out during builders clean in London.

Preparatory Phase

When craftsmen, plumbing and electrical installers have left the construction site, there is usually complete chaos regarding dirt and building materials strewn throughout the property. Cables, foils and packing material lying around, sand and cement traces everywhere, colouring on the windowpanes. The first task is to remove all excess materials from the construction site; so that the cleaning operations are completed to the highest standards. The additional benefit of this preparatory phase is that it frees the surfaces of protective films, labels and building contamination. Including mortar, gypsum, varnish or drilling dust, ensuring that the window surfaces do not have streaks, dust and wiping marks.

Joinery Cleaning

When cleaning joinery surfaces, it is important to thoroughly rinse the newly exposed wood with a microfiber cloth or sponge that has moistened with a general purpose cleaner and loosen paint and varnish residues with specialised removal agents. The reason for this is that the alternative of merely wiping away dirt then hovering can cause ugly scratches to the freshly formed woodwork.

The walls of modern airports workers are cleaning glass curtain walls. Professional builders clean in London by Purgo Supply Services

Removing Building Contaminants

Scrapers are frequently used during a builders clean in London when excess cement, mortar or paint has stuck to finished surfaces and glass during the construction phase of residential or commercial properties. The scraper is the most effective tool for this. In addition to using adhesive tape and vinyl inscription for surfaces and windows that have not been cleaned for months during the building work; or even years if the property is an old building restoration.

Removing Residues From Silicone Sealants

Once the above tasks have been completed, you should always carry out a thorough glass and window cleaning. The glass surface should be washed with clean water, soap and a specialised glass scraper for removing fine stuck particles. Silicone residues can then be removed with a solvent-impregnated cloth. Careful attention should be paid to existing or previously incurred damage. Document it and communicate the issue to the client immediately.

Builders Clean in London

Purgo Supply Services has built a strong reputation for providing a high standard of Builders Clean in London. We are very flexible in the approach to this sector of our business. Most importantly, understanding that things do not always go to plan and react professionally. Therefore to achieve deadlines, cleaning services hold a 24-hour policy within this division.

Professional builders clean in London by Purgo Supply Services. Commutes walking through futuristic looking pedestrian tunnel featuring an LED integrated light wall in Granary Square exit from Kings Cross Underground station.

Purgo Supply Services is committed to the Health and Safety of our employees and clients. We understand that it is our responsibility to create a safe place of work. As a result, our BISc trained builder cleaning operatives to attend full site inductions before operations and will always work with Personal Protective Equipment.

When you are ready to review the choice of your builders clean in London company, we welcome you to consider Purgo Supply Services and contact our customer services today.